vrijdag 23 januari 2015

Freehand 2nd time: Greece Santorini

Hi Everyone,

Today I'll show you my 2nd attempt at a completely freehanded mani :) Greece...Santorini <3 Inspired by my mom's funeral card (that was a picture she made herself on Santorini..see below)  

All done with cheap bad paint...LOL really need some good acryllic paint one day ^_^ but had fun trying freehand for the 2nd time.

I'd love to go to Santorini someday it was my moms favorite island.

 I still have lots to learn but I was happy with how they turned out.

Another picture with different light.

And here together with my inspiration... my moms funeral card. This was a picture she took herself on Santorini.

Have a nice weekend.

Thanks for reading!


vrijdag 16 januari 2015

Pink & Hearts: Beste Twin Nails with The Beauty Of Nail Polish

Hi Everyone,

Earlier this week Tara from The Beauty Of Nail Polish contacted me if I wanted to do #bestietwinnails with her. I was really honored she wanted me do that with her :) I have never done bestie twin nails. Ofcoure I did do the story nails with Fab Ur Nails and others, but no bestie twin nails. So I was double excited...my first twin mani and with a very talented nail artist. 

We talked on facebook and decided to do something loved themed since it will be Valentine's Day next month. She suggested we both should do a pink mani with hearts, no specific plates or polishes just this theme. And the rest was up to us how to interpret this theme. 

You can follow her on Facebook too here a link to her page. And she is also on Instagram @thebeautyofnailpolish and as you know I recently joined the IG world too @dianavnisselroy if you like to follow me too ;)

Now let's show both our mani's.

I love how we both used different kind of pink tones. It is so fun to see how we both interpreted this theme. And I seriously love her mani, especially her ring finger is mesmerizing.

Now also a closer look to my mani with all the details.

I sponged my base using Konad SN pastel pink (I really wanted the base color to be the same as the stamped images so it would blend well) and Only You 015 Pink Party! (that brand is from a local drugstore called ICI Paris XL) On top I used Essence 25 Let Stars Rain Down On Me a holo glitter topcoat (a bit similar to INM out the door silver). Stamped the hearts with the french tip image from Konad M73 with Konad SN pastel pink. The bigger and small hearts are from Nailways Spring Time - Love is in the Air stamped with Konad SN magenta.

I liked how this turned out with the gradient and the french tip design and tone on tone :) 

Here also a picture from the gradient base. Too bad you can't really see the holo sparkle that good.

If you like to know the details on Tara her mani go over to her blog: The Beauty Of Nail Polish.

Thank you for doing this fun Bestie Twin Nails with me, I look foward to doing more in the future.

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice weekend :)


donderdag 15 januari 2015

Happy Birthday in Heaven!

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday (January 14th) we would have been celebrating my mom's birthday. So I made Happy Birthday in Heaven nails with winged balloons :)  I always like doing something special for her on special dates (like the day she died (Christmas), her birthday and Mothers Day).

Base a gradient with CATRICE cosmetics C01 Electrix Blue, C02 ApHolo 7 and C03 Holo in One. Stamped the clouds wiht Konad M79, the words Happy Birthday and balloons from Nailways Spring Time- Birthday Cake, the little wings on the balloons are from HB29 and the words I heart emoticon Mom from Fab Ur Nails FUN12. Used Konad SN white and black for stamping and colored the balloons with paint. 

Also some pictures of the gradient holo base.

I really like these holo polishes from Catrice.

Thanks for reading!


dinsdag 13 januari 2015

My first completely freehand mani...a Winter Scene!

Hi Everyone,

The new year just started and what is a better way to start then trying new things..challenge my self to do new stuff. So here is my first completely freehanded mani, I have done some freehand details or an accent finger before but never a completely freehanded many :) 

I know it is nothing compared to all those masters out there I am kinda proud of it. I don't have good brushes and only have some really old paint (not even sure what kind of paint LOL) but did it all with paint and polish.  

I often write a little story with my mani too so is another story:  

"A girl and her little brother went on their annual winter holiday together with their parents. And just like every year they went to the cabin in the mountains. They always have a lot of fun there. While Mom and Dad enjoyed time together in the cabin next to the fire place the kids played outside in the snow. The girl was getting very good in figure iceskating, she wants to join the Olympics when she is older. Her little brother had fun on the ice too on his skates playing with the sleigh.Their cute little black dog also played outside in the snow. And all together they build this large snowman. They had a great vacation in their Winter Wonderland."

 Before I started to paint this on my nails I first drew a quick sketch on paper for an idea.

And some more picture in different light.

I always be a stamping girl, but maybe I'll try freehand some more every now and then :)

Thanks for reading <3


woensdag 7 januari 2015

Best Wishes for 2015!

Best Wishes for 2015 everyone!

Today my first mani of the year, just something simple to wish you all the best :) 

A subtle gradient base with China Glaze Get Outta My Space and When Stars Collide, stamped the Best Wishes words and the shaking hands from Nailways Snowwhite - New Year plate. The flower swirly images is from Fab Ur Nails FUN14.

And another picture with different light.

The subtle gradient with China Glaze Get Outta My Space and When Stars Collide.

And a swatch of China Glaze Get Outta My Space.

Hope 2015 will be a great year with lots of nail goodies. I already tried my first completely freehanded mani this year will post that soon here.

Thanks for reading!


woensdag 31 december 2014

Happy 2015

Hi lovely readers,

I hope you all have a great New Years Eve. Here is my last mani I did in 2014 (still have many others from this year to show you haha but these are my New Years nails). I did liked my gold one too but I don't wear gold so I really wanted black and silver to match my clothes/jewelry.  

 Base Sinful Colors Black on Black and Color Club Harp on it on my tips. Stamped with Bundle Monster BM-H14 and Color Club Harp on it. Happy New Year is from Nailways Snowwhite- New Year plate and used the numbers 20 and 15 from the big Konad Demo plate using Konad SN black.

And another picture where you see the holo rainbow better.

See you next year!

Best Wishes and xoxox

maandag 29 december 2014

New Years Eve Idea

Hi Everyone,

Here a mani I did yesterday. I wanted do make this New Years Eve mani, it won't stay on my nails till then, but I just wanted to make it anyway :)

Base Essence a Piece of Forever and on my tips Sinful Colors Snow me Whote. Stamped the white full nail with BM310, the golden lace on my tips is Konad M71, the bows are from Konad M59 (used the shrinking method for my pinkie) and the glasses are from BM-H22. 

Inspired by a picture I saw from Universo das Unhas.

Thanks for stopping by.


vrijdag 26 december 2014

Mom...my Christmas Angel

 Merry Christmas lovely readers,

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. As most of you might know my mom died on Christmas 2011, I miss her terrible. And ofcourse just like the past years I had to do something for my mom too on my nails.

Base Sinful Colors Snow me White with on top 10.1 Polish Snow Caps and Ocean Mist. Stamped the full nail snowflakes with QA86, the Angel is from Qgirl-004, the holly is from a plate from Tedi shop MC-02 (stamped it twice to get a little depth and brighter color), the word MOM I stamped with Nailways Back to Basics - 123 ABC plate.

And another picture.

And here a picture of the base and the snowflakes. I forgot to take a picture without the stamping of just the base..sorry.

Enjoy the rest of Christmas and give your moms a big hug from me <3


woensdag 24 december 2014

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! 

Tigger, Piglet and Pooh wishing you Happy Holidays whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas or something else :)  

 Base 10.1 Polish Reservation and Mermaid scales. Made stamping decals of the Disney cuties from Fab Ur Nails FUN11, the tree is from Winstonia Store W222, Tigger is holding a candle from Nailways Snowwhite-Christmas plate, also from this plate the candy cane Pooh is holding, dotted Piglets hat, the star on my thumb is from Bundle Monster BM-H02 and the small yellow stars at the tips are from BM-H14.

And here a picture of the base.

Thanks for reading!


maandag 22 december 2014

Christmas wishlist ;)

Hi Everyone,

Here a mani I did earlier, I believe it was for a challenge in AIS. It was to make your Christmas wishes on your nails. Well my true wish just isn't possible, but polishes and plates are always a nice present. So I stamped all kinds of polish and plate brands and made a Christmas tree out of polishes.

Base Sinful Colors Black on Black and Snow me White. Stamped the polish brands with FUN12 and used a Konad, Winstonia, Nailways, Essence, FUN and MJ plate for their logo's. Made a polish tree with the nailpolish bottles on FUN 12.  Stamped using Konad polishes.

Thanks for stopping by :)