donderdag 4 november 2010

Zoya Ivanka (+ nailart)

This is my first Zoya nailpolish I really love the color. To bad my camera couldn't capture it's true beauty. Now it is a bit to dark.
This photo is with flash.

Another one with flash but darker skintone.

A blurry one so you can see the sprakle.

Photo in daylight.

I wanted to do some Konad on it, but I don't really like how that turned out. I do think it's kinda okay in real life but not on photo (because of the flash but without I couldn't take a photo at all). I feel like a floral curtain or something. And the color combination reminds me of Christmas :) I used M65, this is one of the few full nail design I can stamp double so when I use a full nail design I often choose this one. I stamped with China Glaze 2030. I'm not really pleased with this creation, but it's just for a few days because this weekend my friend Brenda is going to paint on my nails (I believe you call it one stroke and maybe she also makes some 3D acryl flowers). She is just 13 years old but so very good. Ofcourse I'll write a blog about it.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. mooie kleur diana <3 en vind met konad ook mooi hoor ;) ben benieuwd naar de nagels die brenda bij je gaat doen!


  2. I cannot believe you were ever a nail biter! Your nails are so beautiful and perfect. Congratulations on stopping the nail biting and on now having these treasures. Good job. Beautiful polishes as well.

  3. beautiful polish and nice with this stamp :)