dinsdag 31 mei 2016

Freehand Fairies with 3D wings

Hi Everyone,

I did this mani about 3 months ago for a freehand contest. I made a Fairy Forest with flowers, a little creek, cute bunny, mushrooms (or should I say Fairy houses ;)) fairies with 3D wings and little fire flies.  We all know I am not a freehand artist (not even close haha :P) but I do occasionally freehand some details or once in while do a freehand scenery. I did these for #Chele_EnchantedMani I liked the enchanted theme and always like a challenge just to have some fun :) 

I was inspired by one of a stamping scenery mani but in this case I freehanded everything (I am a little proud of my fairy wings :)) Randomly painted Color Club Pucci-licious, China Glaze That's Shore Bright, China Glaze Neon & On & On and China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle for the base. Also put a glitter holo topcoat from Catrice on top.  I also like to do some fun 3D art so I painted the wings on a ziplock bag colored them with Color Club Harp on it..topcoated cut them paste one wing on my nail and the other wing only part of it so the fairies have 3D wings.

Thanks for stopping by.


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