dinsdag 22 februari 2011

My new goodies :)

I have some new goodies to show you. Let's start with my prize from the Show us your Country nail art Challenge from Parokeets I was so happy and surprised that I won :)

Some great make-up and lovely polishes and the most adorable earrings

Here you can see the polishes swatched on a wheel.

From left to right: Alessandro 297, Alessandro 261, Catrice From Dusk to Dawn, Gosh Powder, P2 Dangerous, Golden Rose 312 and Golden Rose 344.

Those cute earring were made by Maestra one of the Parokeet ladies. I immediately fell in love with them. That evening I went out to the dinner with my parents and boyfriend to this Yugoslavian restaurant and I just had to wear them :)
(Don't mind me just look at the earrings ;)) Even my boyfriend said that night that he loved the earrings :) So thanks again Parokeet ladies and especially Maestra for making them ♥

Friday evening I went to the household fair, this used to be a fair for household products, but these days you can find all kinds of stuff there :) Like make-up, nail polish, food, gadgets, clothes, and ofcourse also nice household stuff. There was a stand of Golden Rose and they had this 1+1 offer :) I had a shopping list for 3 of my lovely nail friends, Henny, Esther and Giuditta it was mostly for Golden Rose flakies but also some other polishes. This is what I bought all together.

Only the top 4 bottles are mine ;)

Golden Rose Paris Magic color: 309, 321, 327 and 328.

Swatched on a wheel: 321, 327, 328 and 309.

Last week I finally went to Michelle's home to pick up my XL plates. I couple of weeks ago we and some other friends from Beautiful Nails 4 U did a group order. But I just hadn't got the time to pick them up yet. Now I finally have my XL plate B and F and the XL stamp. I just love these plates and the stamp is nice too.
Next blog: China Glaze 2NITE swatches, my favorite.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Such a beautiful picture and beautiful earrings :-)
    Thanks again for getting me the Golden Rose polishes, you're the best personal shopper ever!

  2. wow you lucky lady ! cant wait to see what you do with it all =)


    Ps those earrings are adorable!

  3. Glad you like the prize and I can not tell you how jealous I am over your XL plate and Golden Rose Scale effects. :)))