dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

Truckstar festival in July

Hi Everyone,

In July my boyfriend and I always go to the Truckstar festival, it's not really my thing but he really likes that so I always go there once a year. Today I'll show you the mani/pedi I've made for that and some Truck pics (I do always like the special paint and it's nail art inspiration haha).

Base Aly's Dream Polish 22 hottest pink (such pretty bright pink holo) Stamped with Kleancolor metallic black and Cheeky CH 51 (the stars) and made a sort of Truck from the Locomotive image on Nailways A-NW00012 Vive la vie -Vacation. I removed parts of it and added white for the wheels and window.

Another picture.

Since it was Summer I had to make a matching pedi too :)

I really like this Aly's Dream polish here some swatches.

If you like it too go check out her FB page: Aly's Dream Polish you can find a link to her shop there too.

And some pictures of some of the Trucks we have seen. 

 This paint would be an amazing multichrome nailpolish haha.

I love the husky's.

 Cuteee rattie haha.

 There is always the caravan race, when the trucks try to loos or flip the caravan while driving.

Thank you for reading.


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Das kunst op die vracht auto's ontzettend mooi.
    En je manicure ook weer gaaf als altijd

  2. Not really my thing either, but it's sweet of you to accompany your boyfriend. :) Really nice nail art, too.