vrijdag 17 juni 2011

Summer Water Marble Nails

Tuesday the summer officially starts here (although the weather is bad and was way better last month) it is also my birthday then :) So I always remember the day the summer starts. I saw some nice water marble nails lately and also this gorgeous orange one on My Simple Little Pleasures that inspired me to do a water mable too. I haven't done that for quite some time. I first tested it on a nail tip last week and now on my own nails. Ofcourse I'm no expert like she is ;) but I had fun and like the result :)

I found it very summer like with those colors and they reminded me of peaches but I couldn't hold it normally :) it was too big or my hands too small ;)

Base is Risque Amarelo Real. Marbled with China Glaze Street Racing, OPI Tangerine Scene, OPI Need Sunglasses and OPI Fiercely Fiona.

Just another photo of my hand ;)

And here another one with all 5 fingers.

Have a nice weekend!


24 opmerkingen:

  1. I like yours! It's really nice and vibrant :)

  2. oh my! I LOVE IT! Its absolutely beautiful!

  3. It's gorgeous! A perfect combo for a warm mani...

  4. Erg mooi gelukt!
    Je had je duim ook onder de perzik kunnen houden, of paste dat ook niet?

  5. Maravilhosas...
    Como todos seus trabalhos!


  6. Uh WOW!!! This came out perfect!!!!

  7. OMG!! This is just gorgeous!! How, tell me HOW did you manage to do it so evenly and neatly??? I think even if I practiced for years I wouldn't manage to create such perfection :(

  8. wow!! it's amazing! best for this summer days!

  9. Very pretty I have to try to do this one again as the first time I try water marble couldn't do not even one nail:)

  10. Amazing!!! Even the peach is swollen with envy-that's why you can't hold it!!!

    (You know I enjoy giving you crazy comments)

  11. Wow great water marble design, keep them coming!!

  12. Wat is dat goed gelukt! Ze zijn allemaal redelijk gelijk, erg mooie marble.
    Ik ga het binnenkort ook maar weer eens proberen denk ik

  13. Absolutely awesome! Such great summer colors and it matches the peach!

  14. Hi Diana!

    Love your nails! We have award you with a top 10 award. Check our blog for the awar :D

    With lots of love,
    Sugar Styles


  15. Thank you all for the comments :)

    @ Michelle haha ja dat was misschien een beter idee geweest :)

    @ Ritterbraten I actually did a very simple water marble, just a couple of drops and then from the middle of the circles a draw I line to the outside and beside that line on each side another line, then you get some sort of an M sign in it. I placed my fingers in the middle of that M. And repeated that for each finger.

    @ Miki I always love your crazy comments they make me laugh :)

    @ Sugar styles thanks for the award :)

  16. That looks fantastic! I've yet to try one myself. You're such an expert, so please don't say that you're not. :)