vrijdag 5 augustus 2011

Stargazer 309 with stars :)

I cut my nails a week ago, sometimes I liked them "short" again ;) This creation I made last week for the Truckstar festival. My boyfriend really likes that and we go there every year, it is not really my thing at all but I go with him because he likes that. We stayed there 3 days and went camping (sometimes when I am mean I call it my weekend from hell ;))  I don't like Trucks on my nails but I do like stars, so I made starry nails :) I do always like the special paint trucks....that is also nail art inspiration hahah. Love the movie and Disney trucks etc. But this year there weren't so many Disney trucks :(

Base Stargazer 309. Stamped with Konad SN yellow, SN pastel pink and SN pastel blue and imageplate HB39.

It's summer here although the weather is most of the time more like autumn. And in the summer I love to make matching toes :)

I used the same colors but some different images but also from HB39.

Here are some swatches of this nice polish. I got this polish from a friend for my birthday it's my only Stargazer, I really like the bottle too. It's a bit sheer so sometimes you can see my nailline, but that wasn't showing in real life.

With flash under artificial light.

With flash.

Under artificial light.

Here some photos from the special paint trucks and me acting crazy ;) Even if it's not really my thing I had to make fun right ;)

A nice safari themed truck.

Fast and the Furios with all the actors on it.

Fear of the Dark this one was really amazing and very detailed.

Me and some other scary faces that were on the Fear of the Dark truck.

The Joker, I loved the black, gray and white theme.

The Flintstones :)

A nice tropical themed truck.

Part of the Gunfighter truck, this one won the special paint contest.

Me petting a Husky/Wolf ;)

Have a nice weekend everyone!


14 opmerkingen:

  1. Love you're nail art with those stars.
    And that are beautiful trucks!!!

    xx Iris


  2. How cool to see the pictures of the trucks!
    I like the color of you nailpolish a lot and they go very well with the lucky stars!

  3. That's an amazing mani and pedi =]
    And haha wow such cool trucks!

  4. I Really like the base polish! The stars are sooo cute! I love how your toes match.

  5. cute mani :-D
    and the trucks... amazing :-D

  6. love your mani/pedi the colour is awesome, i have a few stargazers

    those trucks are amazing

    shel xx

  7. I like the yellow stars in the middle. I love falling star effect.

  8. Lindas as unhas e lindos caminhões.

  9. Ik vind sterren echt leuk voor op nagels! Leuk gedaan :)

  10. I saw Fear of the Dark truck in Lahti, Finland this morning. Amazing.

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