zaterdag 21 januari 2012

I removed my previous blog: In loving memory of my mom ♥

I saw a lot of traffic on my blog from a certain foreign forum and what I could read/figure out is that is was about my blog and the personal info I wrote and posted about my mom. That is was shocking to do and not normal or something like that to post such things public. I hate certain gossip so I decided to remove that blog and also edited that blog where I wrote about the last days of her life..,That Christmas would never be the same.

Writing about everything what happend with my mom was kind of a way to handle write it down, to deal with it and also sort of a memory that won't get lost when my computer crashes...but will always be here on my little space online. But I guess it was weird of me to think and do that?! I know certain people did appreciate it, for example people who would have wanted to be there but couldn't, but I guess looking at the traffic other people find it weird to post personal stuff online. Anyway now it is all gone!

Below you can see part of my previous blog:

First I want to thank all of you for the sweet comments, emails, facebook messages etc. I did not had time to answer them all, but they really mean a lot to me ♥

Monday (2 January 2012) was my moms cremation and I made these nails for her.

Base is Catherine Arley 805 and on my ring finger Golden Rose Paris Holographic 104. I stamped with China Glaze 2030 sort of Greek "Meandros" key from Konad plate S6. And on my ring finger a self made photo decal of my mom (with a greek border around it) Sorry did not take a great photo but you could see my mom really good (somehow decals and holo are not the greatest combination when it comes to taking photos ;))

I also made a new creation for New Years Eve, did want to make something but not with the word Happy on it like I normally do. Because it wasn't a Happy New Years Eve :( I really missed my mom...she should have been there with her glass in her hand cheering and being scared of the fireworks ;) My boyfriend, my best friend and my sister and I did had some fireworks and our last big rocket was especially for my mom ♥

Base China Glaze Ruby Pumps (I have it for many years but it was still one of my untrieds on my own nails (my friends did used it)) Stamped some sort of fireworks with XL plate F and China Glaze 2030, Essence stampy silver and Konad SN white. 2012 is stamped with the numbers of the Konad plates M20 and M12 from the big demo plates.


7 opmerkingen:

  1. I think that was inconsiderate and rude of those people. This is your blog and your personal space, and it is entirely your right to use it to express important things in your life. If people had an issue with it, they should not have read it!
    My deepest sympathies for you and your family. I think you were very brave to write about your experiences.

  2. Ach meisie, net of je nog niet genoeg aan je hoofd hebt. Probeer het je niet te veel aan te trekken, je hebt toch altijd mensen die teren op roddels over anderen. Is gewoon zielig en kleingeestig. Ik zie wel op meer blogs, hele persoonlijke dingen staan. Is ook omdat je met een bepaalde groep van je bezoekers een band krijgt en aan hen wil je het dan graag kwijt. Ja en toevallig lezen die roddeltantes ook mee. De boom in met ze!
    Ik begrijp heel goed dat het een manier van verwerken is voor je. En laat wie dat niet begrijpt maar lullen.

    Liefs Shannara

  3. oh no, Im so sorry that mean spirited people didnt let you be yourself on YOUR own blog. Always write u want and stay true yourself, otherwise the whole planet would be a sorry mess. You are most definitely NOT weird. Hugs.

  4. You are not weird...there are just mean people in this world..and I am sooo sorry for that.

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  6. you do a such perfect nails art <3


  7. Diana,

    I am so sorry to hear that about your mom. It's never easy to lose someone close to you, but to do it at the holidays is even harder somehow. You're in my thoughts.

    Those nails are a lovely way to remember your mom. Your nails are beautiful, as are your nail designs.