maandag 14 mei 2012

A Romance in Paris ♥

Today some cute lovely nails I made this for a contest on Konad Ireland facebook. The theme was to make romantic nails, and she was going to Paris because of her 10 years anniversary.

As you all know I really like contests/challanges with or without prizes ;) especially since my mom died. I just love making something in a specific theme :) Doing me nails is still one of the things I like to do and it gives me distraction. When I am busy thinking of a creation or painting and stamping I just finally think of something else then missing my mom (and pets).

I thought of a Romance in Paris with kisses, the Eiffel tower, love, diamonds (jewelry) and a good glass of wine *cheers* and ofcourse lots of roses ;)

The Eiffel tower is a self made water decal, the rest is all stamped with M3, M4, M14, M18, M35, M38, M53, M59 even the word Paris is stamped from the patent and copyright letters that are engraved at the bottom of the big Konad demo plate :)

(I still can't print new decals (printer is broken) but I made these for over a year ago and they came in handy now ;))

For stamping I used Konad SN black and SN white, Opi Rosy-mistletoe-sies for the hearts and kisses and stuff and China Glaze TMI for the subtle holo pink roses.

The base is Orly Cotton Candy, see swatch below:
It still looks a bit sheer on some spots but that wasn't really the case in real life.

Have a nice week :) I still have a lot to show you guys so I think a might blog more often ;)


7 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow! This looks really romantic! So pretty!

  2. Very pretty the combination of patterns :)


  4. This is a really cool mani! I always love how you create scenes on your nails-it's very creative.

  5. I love the base color and then the stamping is beautiful as well!

  6. do you have post on how to make decals?

  7. For making decals check