donderdag 14 maart 2013

Bowling nails

Hi Everyone,

I was sure I already posted these on my blog but I can't find them, so maybe I did not posted them since I was busy with all the V-day mani's last month. But I made these in February. I went bowling with my family and my dad's new girlfriend and her family. So since they already knew me as a crazy nail lady (from stories my dad told them) I thought let's make a mani that is perfect for bowling. I had just received my Cheeky 2012 set that was my prize from the lovely Wacky Laki. I knew there was a bowling image on them. I also got some striping tape recently and really wanted to use that too, so I combined them.

A white base from Essence with Kleancolor metallic white on top, added striping tape and sponged over it with Kleancolor metallic black (and white) and I removed the tape again :) Stamped with Cheeky CH35 and Kleancolor metallic black.

Here a pic of just the tape mani. Since it was my first time using striping tape I wanted to play with it and did each nail differently.
I was really happy with my first striping tape mani.

Bowling was fun too :)

Thanks for reading.


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