vrijdag 30 januari 2015

10.1 Polish Love Potion with FUN13

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not blogging so often, I've been sick and really did not felt like it. But today I'll show you my nails from last weekend. I made them all shorter after I broke a corner on my right hand. First made that nail in sort of stiletto shape lol...but that wasn't something for me. Will post that mani and that nail later...still have so many to show you all ;)

Base 10.1 Polish Love Potion and Color Club Revvvolution. Stamped with Essence Stampy polish black and FUN13.

I really love 10.1 Polish and especially this color.

This is one of their old bottles, they renewed their bottles. You can buy 10.1 Polish here.

Have a nice weekend!


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