woensdag 4 februari 2015

I'm from The Netherlands

Hi Everyone,

As you all know I am from The Netherlands also known as Holland. There was a challenge on IG to represent your heritage with nail art. So today I have some Dutch nails for you.

Orange is our national color so I chose a light orange base: Lime Crime Peaches ♥ Cream. I thought it was fun to show some typical Dutch things...things people think about when they envision Holland. 

Ofcourse my country is known for it's cheese (pinkie), everyone here rides a bicycle and there are mills (ring finger), Heineken is a Dutch beer brand and we love to drink beer (middle finger), stroop wafels are famous Dutch cookies with caramel (index), a blonde (somehow people often think the Dutch are all blonde) girl with old fashioned Dutch clothing and tullips (thumb). Also stamped the tullips at my tips in our red, white and blue flag colors. Images all come from MoYou Tourist 15 plate. I freehanded the tiny Dutch flags.

This was so much fun too do.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. What a fantastic and creative way to share your heritage with all of us.