vrijdag 17 juli 2015

In loving memory of our rat Faith

Hi Everyone,

Last thursday our ratty Faith died. She would have turned 3 in about 4 weeks so she was pretty old. And she even had tumor surgery twice in her life. She was a very strong lady. Now she died very peacefully because of old age and joined her sweet sister Hope who passed away in January.

Ofcourse I had to do a mani to honor her. In the fb group WON we had a chance to submit images for a special WON plate made by Fab Ur Nails ofcourse I had to submit ratties and cheese. I drew the images myself from pictures I saw online. I once submitted these for the BM CYO too but they did not pick them so I was happy they made it on the FUN-WON. The plate also has some Arctic images on it that were my idea and some of them I drew too :) 

Gradient with China Glaze Son of a Peach and Neon & On & On. Stamped the full nail with FUN16 and MdU pastel pink. The word Faith is from FUN17 and the ratties and cheese are the images from the special FUN-WON plate. If you look close you see the one one my thumb has wings too stamped with Konad M90.  I try to color the images to match Faith her colors.

And some more pictures.

Here also one with Faith so you can see her colors.

And the last picture we took about a week before she passed away she was still very active then.

We were at the pet store this weekend to get some food and other supplies and we always look and cuddle the ratties there. But there was one who kept climbing out towards us, she was adorable and she misses part of her ear. We did not plan to get a new ratty, I said 3 were enough but I fell in love. Also because of her ear I was afraid she might become snake food...cause maybe other people would not want her. When we decided she had to come home with us and the employee saw the ear he said half price is fine....that is how little a small animal life is worth. But for us she is perfect.

On instagram there is this tag #mynailsandmyrat so I had to take a picture of our new ritten Scar and my memorial nails for Faith :)

Thanks for reading.

Have a nice weekend!


5 opmerkingen:

  1. i know, it's always sad to lose your pet :/

  2. I'm so sorry about both Hope and Faith. But what a wonderful story about how you acquired Scar. She knew that you were her family before you did, so sweet. Nice nails too.

  3. the base colour is soooo beautiful! <3

  4. bravo ! you save another life ! mani is perfect ! i like animals nail art