vrijdag 10 december 2010

Disney Chip & Dale Christmas nails

My first Christmas creation for this year :) In Dutch we call them "Knabbel and Babbel".When I was little I used to watch a movie every year with Chip & Dale and Mickey Mouse and Pluto decorating the Christmas tree, I just loved that short movie and still love Disney so I made Chip & Dale nails.

As a base I'm wearing P2 Divine and a white french with China Glaze Snow (see pictures below). I stamped with Konad SN red and plate M45. And I used selfmade water decals of Chip & Dale with Christmas hats (I photoshopped the hats on them myself). It is not so perfect (the dots aren't that great) but I'm happy with it :)

Photo of my hand with flash.

Photo without flash under artificial light.

Here are some photo's of only my base.
On top of the white french I have another coat of P2 Divine to make it less white and more shimmery.

I will make some more Christmas nails and I promise to blog about my little giveaway next week.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. thats tottaly cute..can u make a tutorial on how to make a self made water decal? ü

  2. woww mooi hoor!!
    en je hebt zulke mooie nagels...JALOERS!!

  3. Wauw dat ziet er zo mooi uit :D

  4. Heel leuk en origineel! Grappig om te weten hoe Knabbel en Babbel in het Engels heten!

  5. beautiful. I love the chipmunks as well :)

  6. These are so cute! I love Chip and Dale

  7. Thanks everyone :)

    @ Thirzsha I'll try to blog about makingg decals this week.

  8. happen to google and saw this!
    so cute!
    i absolutely love chip and dale!

  9. I don't know if you will get this comment with the post being so far back but that Christmas Cartoon you mentioned with them decorating the tree I still watch evey year to get in the Christmas mood, I know exactly which one you are talking about!!

    1. Yes I saw your comment in the comment overview section :) LOL I am not the only one who watched that vid...to bad it on video not on a dvd don't have a working video player anymore.