maandag 25 oktober 2010

Day out with the girls

Saturday my boyfriend and I went to Hengelo, we had I meeting with some of the lovely girls from the nail forum Beautiful Nails For You We visited some nail stores there. It was really cold and rainy that day but it was a lot of fun.
From left to right: Svenja, Rianne, Jaimy, Me, Noortje, Henny and Brenda. Thanks girls for the lovely day.

Ofcourse I couldn't resist and bought some polishes. At the first store there was a great offer buy 6 pay 3, so it was really tempting.

Above with flash, under without (there you can see that some have a bit of duochrome in it)
From left to right Nail Creation no: 97, 96, 100, 44, 90 and 125.

At the second store I bought 3 Golden Rose polishes, one Scale effect (flakies) and two magics (beautifull shimmer).

Golden Rose Scale effect 10, Golden Rose magic 316, Golden Rose magic 305.

Before my holiday I already ordered China Glaze Awakenings together with a friend but I haven't seen her untill saturday so I finally got my China Glaze too.
Here you can see some wheel swatches of the Nail Creation polishes and the Scale effect.
After the shopping we went to Brenda's home her mother baked apple pie and got us all some coffee or tea. We sure needed that because we were cold and wet from the rain.
But it was just a great day can't wait for the next meeting :)


4 opmerkingen:

  1. wat leuk om allemaal te lezen! Vond het echt heel erg leuk en ben echt benieuwd weer er weer een meeting komt. :D

  2. Super dagje, wou dat ik erbij had kunnen zijn! En hele leuke aankoopjes, veel plezier ermee.

  3. Leuk zeg! Ik woon in Hengelo haha dus ik herkende de nail XL winkel al :)