vrijdag 8 oktober 2010

Back in Holland....Greek nailpolish

I'm back from my lovely holiday to Chios. The pictures of my creations I made in Greece will come later. I have to sort them out first between the rest of my holiday pics.

First my current creation that I made with Greek polish.

A used Konad plate M67 and I stamped with the same polishes, the jeans blue metallic and the aubergine/eggplant purple shimmer/glitter. On my ringfinger a blue rhinestone (that finger is not so neatly but I messed that finger up, normally this is not one you see the brush strokes so clear, like metallics often have)

I bought 5 Greek nailpolishes these are two of them.

Below a picture of the 5 bottles.

Don't feel like looking up the numbers, but it is a brown one with copper/orange glitter/shimmer, a light green shimmer, a blue shimmer, a jeans blue metallic and a aubergine purple shimmer/glitter.

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