vrijdag 19 november 2010

Alessandro Go Magic Twist - Blue Chip

When I was in Germany, my sweet boyfriend finally found the Alessandro magnetic polish at the Muller :) It costed 12,95 euro's that is cheaper then I thougt but still my most expensive polish ever. I bought the blue one, and I was happy that I finally also had a good magnet (because the Essence one is not good at all). It's strange on the box or polish I can't seem to find the name (just a number) but I saw on the Alessandro website that this one is called Blue Chip.

A beautiful metallic blue with purple shimmer, with the magnet you pull out the purple shimmer :)
Photo without flash under artificial light.

Photo with flash. It was not as easy as I thought, the Alessandro magnet is much stronger and I was used to holding the magnet really close, but this magnet really pulls the nailpolish up and sometimes it even touched the magnet :(

Another photo with flash.

The polish, the magnet and some different swatches (see next photo).

First with my refrigerator magnet (you can see this one makes wider stripes and really pulls out the purple), second the Alessandro magnet normal, third the Alessandro magnet vertical and last the Alessandro magnet from a distance and with a really thin coat of polish.

Again the Essence magnetic polishes on the right with Alessandro magnet.

With some subtle Konad butterfly's (in real much better to see but I couldn't take a normal photo of it) plate M1 stamped with China Glaze Sci-Fi.

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