woensdag 18 mei 2011

Keroppi Nails (on OPI Bikini Envy)

My big sister is a huge Hello Kitty/ Sanrio fan, and she collects all kinds of stuff from it. Mostly small Hello Kitty figures, but also stuffed animals. Not only from Hello Kitty but also Hello Kitty's friends the other Sanrio characters. Last christmas she gave me a cute stuffed animal of Keroppi (Hello Kitty's frog friend) and she said I should make Keroppi nails and then take a photo with the stuffed animal :) And that is what I finally did ;)

Base OPI Bikini Envy with self made water decals of Keroppi (and I believe his sister). I stamped with Konad PSN Cool Red some water lilies up side down with imageplate M66. Also from M66 water lily pads/leafs with PSN Apple Ggreen.

All my nails.

On my thumb I colored his eyes and clothers with a white nail art pen from Essence.

My nails with only the decals and cute Keroppi stuffed animal.

My nails with the decals without the stamping.

Here a swatch of OPI Bikini Envy:
Very sweet light green color with  some sort of white shimmer in it.


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  1. Awwwww. cute :)

    What is your sister said when she saw mani?

  2. Thanks :)

    @ Lalica I saw my siter this weekend when I had this on my nails and she really loved it. The first things she said was I haven't seen them online yet :) Unfortunately she is (just like I was) a huge nail biter, so I can't do here nails. But I did gave her a small Konad set and she stamps her toes :)

  3. Wow the first thing i saw was those eyes!! He reminds me of a animal that can get away with a lot and pull those cute innocent eyes out and Wham! You cant be mad anymore..I have seen him before but never knew the name. Does the girl have eyelashes?? Does she really? TOO CUTE. Love the little red and white suite that looked extremly hard to put on there. Oh and about the movie: It was super creepy!! Too bad he had to R.I.P. in the end like Wickerman! Give me happy endings people!

  4. Hi! I've awarded you with the Liebster Blog <3!
    Here's the link: http://liquidjelly.blogspot.com/2011/05/liebster-blog-love.html

  5. that beautiful!


  6. So cute! I love the color, too. :-)

  7. This mani made me so happy! Everything is perfectly done and the idea is great! I wish I had so long nails to do stuff like this...

  8. Aw I love Keroppi! This is a great mani :)

  9. zo lief deze <3
    Heb ook nog een paar decals ervan. heel cute :D

  10. OMG! this is so adorable! I love Keroppi, too!!

  11. omg!! i just freaked outtttt when i saw these nails!! i love keroppi and pocaccho and i never find stuff about them anymore. i LOVEEE THIS!!