vrijdag 3 mei 2013

May 5th is Liberation Day

Hi Everyone,

On May 5th we celebrate our Liberation Day, that means big music parties all over our country :) There are 14 Liberation festival across the country (at least one in each of our 12 province), with lots of stages with bands, music, drinks, food. And hopefully some nice sunny weather :) The logo of the Liberation fesitval is a blue torch with red flame see this inspired by the colors of our Dutch flag, red, white and blue. The Liberation fire is everywhere. So I wanted to do something with fire and our flag colors too (although I don't really like that color combo) But I did my best to make it look cool hahaha. Tomorrow on May 4th it's Remembrance Day.

Base a white polish from Essence with a layer of Glitter Gal Light as a Feather. Stamped with Konad SN red and SN blue and Cheeky CH52 (I stamped both parts separately) On my thumb I made a torch from the baseball bat from CH35 and fire from BM07 stamped with SN dark orange, SN yellow and SN blue. Made the word 5 mei (which means May 5th) from letters of MM03 and the platenumber of a Konad plate.

Another pic without the thumb.

And my whole hand.

I am hoping for some nice weather, cause I really love music festivals but not so much when it's raining :P

For all the Dutch people who read my blog..did you make any Liberation nails? And are you going to a Liberation Festival?

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Al gezegd ontzettend gaaf ben er helemaal weg van

  2. I really trully LOVED how these amazing nails turned out I am always hoping for someone way more creative than me at nail art to create Awesome!,, flames on their nails. BY FAR THIS IS MY ALL TIME FAV FLAME NAILS DIANE, not that I am surprised but I really haven't seek many naive fire nails. I really really would just love it if u would be able to create the same type but in blue or pink flames. I will be totally trying to copy this somehow. I will for sure give u FULL CREDIT as always for my attempts at ur many Spectacular nails. Missing hearing hearing from u. Hope u r good. Take care!!!

  3. This is really awesome! Very festive and I hope you enjoy the parties of the weekend ~

  4. I was just browsing down my bloglovin list and BAM these nails really popped out! I had to come visit to see them in a bigger perspective. You did such a wonderful job!

  5. It´s so cool! Have a nice weekend :-)

  6. Thank you all so much, we had a great day with wonderful weather :)

  7. That looks really cool!! I Hope the weekend was great!