maandag 13 mei 2013

Pon & Zi and friends :)

Hi Everyone,

I am still sick and it sucks :( it's been a while that I felt this bad. So fingers crossed I feel better soon. Haven't done my nails in a week but still have a lot of mani's to show ;) I've made these about 3 weeks ago before I broke my pinkie nails.

I just love Pon & Zi and my sister has them as stuffed animals, so I just had to make Pon and Zi nails sometime :)

Base a gradient with Essence Blossoms etc 03 My Fellow Yellow and H&M U must have this. And added Spectraflair topcoat on top. Stamped with Konad M36 and Kleancolor metallic aqua. Self made water decals of Pon & Zi and friends. From left to right you have: Scoot, Zi, Pon, Zot and Nubbly.

Another pic with the cool stuffed animal Pon & Zi from my sister.

Just my hand again with different settings.

My other hand with the stuffed animal Pon & Zi :)

And Danbo also wanted to meet Pon & Zi.

He enjoyed it his eyes are glowing ;)

Thanks for reading. And for all the other sick people out there get well soon!


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