dinsdag 21 mei 2013

Soft Kitty on a flocking powder gradient

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for not blogging for a while but I really felt bad, feel a bit better now. So I did my nails today. Jen's nails files had a great and fun contest on her page, you had to do a mani inspired by the name of a Darling Diva polish. I am not in the US so I thought I could not enter, but to have a US address was fine too, and I have some US nail friends. So I decided to enter anyway also for the fun, cause when I was searching DDP names I had sooo many ideas, I decided to chose "Soft Kitty" for my mani. 

So here are my Soft Kitty nails, I made Kitty really feel soft by stamping here over my flocking powder /velvet gradient. Making a flocking powder gradient was something new for me too, but it was fun to do. The rest of my nails have a trail of kitty paws or bigger kitty paws on them.

3 colors of flocking powder (light pink, lilac, purple) for my flocking powder gradient on my ring finger, 3 colors for my holo gradient on the rest (Catherine Arley 670, China Glaze IDK, Catherine Arley 673) stamped with Konad SN black and GCOCL A02, Essence plate and HB37).

Another picture of my hand.

And some pics of the holo and flocking powder gradient.

I love how soft flocking powder feels :)

Here the polishes and flocking powder I've used for this mani.

Thanks for reading.


5 opmerkingen:

  1. So you know what the title of your post made me think of is that song that Penny sings to Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory." Other than that I just love how multi-talented you are with the products and how they all turn out in the end.This is really pretty and contains my favorite colors!

  2. cool manicure, even without kitty, but kitty made it even cuter :D