dinsdag 4 februari 2014

WON my fav nail group

Hi everyone,

I have been soooo busy (still am) I haven't stamped my nails in 10 days and my polish is all chipped....horrible :( Busy painting the attic, laying the floor, moving etc. Also have to lay the floor at my sis her new apartment this week too. So still so busy.

So today just a quick post with a mani made in August 2013. It was a tribute to my favorite nail group...World of Nailcraft (WON).

Base China Glaze FYI sponged sort of gradient tips with A England Tristam. Stamped  yellow stars with Konad SN yellow and Winstonia W110.  And a selfmade water decal of the logo.

Thanks for reading, I promise I'll blog more often soon. Or at least post older not posted mani's from the past years and not keep you waiting more then a week ;)


3 opmerkingen:

  1. ive recently going back regularly to blogosphere and i have missed your blog and as usual there is a pretty nail art pictures on your blog! love the mani :)