maandag 30 juni 2014

First time color blocking (WON MPP June)

Hi Everyone,

The challenge this month in WON was to use color blocking, something I have never done/tried before. So I really liked to try this. Just like every month a color palette was giving and we had to use at least 2 colors. I always like to try all 5 or 6 of the colors on the palette.

First the picture with the color palette, the polishes and my final mani.

Pinkie, middle finger and thumb lilac base (P2 Into Lace 020 Lust) and ring finger and index light greenish base (P2 Far East So Close 030 Bluish green) used striping tape and then colored the other parts and removed the striping tape again.  

Polishes used from left to right: 
- P2 Into Lace 020 Lust 
- Color Club Puccilicious 
- Konad PSN Dark Purple 
- P2 249 Dangerous 
- Catrice 250 I Sea You! 
- P2 Far East So Close 030 Bluish green

The Konad stamping polish looks a little more brown on the nail but it really is dark purple ;)

And some pictures of just the nails.


Thanks for reading :)


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