donderdag 10 maart 2011

Carnival Bunny nails

Last weekend I celebrated outfit was totally wrong ;) I was a "sexy" sort of playboy bunny. And my motto was: Who says playboy bunny's have to be pretty, skinny and blonde....? Why can't it be a plus size brunette ;) haha. No this is bullshit it wasn't my motto, I did say something like that but it was more to give me some self-convidence and courage to go out. I can be really insecure and I'm not this pretty skinny girl, and I often call myself fat but that is just me always negative about who I am and what I look like :P The important thing was I got my outfit from my boyfriend and he liked the way I looked. And during Carnival everbody can be something/someone else ;) And it wasn't even that sexy because I wore a lot of clothes over/ under it, so hardly any skin was showing ;) and the bunny dress was knee length.  But for me it felt wrong but also fun...I know I doesn't make sense right? But most important is that we had a lot of fun :)

Anyway I love matching nails with outfits so I made bunny nails.
Base OPI Alpine Snow with one coat of Orly Gogo for the silver small glitters. French made of Golden Rose Magic Paris color 321. I stamped small bunny feet with Konad SN black and HB38, also some Konad SN psyche pink bunny's from HB38. I had a hard time taking pictures because the bunny's turned purple on the photo, but on this photo it looks real they are the same color as my french.

Me as a bunny ;)

My boyfriend was this Japanese/Chinese guy oh I had so much fun putting make up on his face hahaha.
He looks so sad and serious ;) but we were laughing all the time.

Bunny and Japanese/Chinese guy before going out.

My big butt and bunny tail.

Together dancing in a bar.
So this was my wrong carnival blog *lol*

19 opmerkingen:

  1. i love the mani and love the outfit !! you sexy minx =). You look like you had so much fun =)


    P.s you and your boyfriend look adorable

  2. You look totally sexy (and gorgeous) and so do your nails! So jealous you could do Carnival...we don't do that here in Canada!

  3. Wauw echt prachtig :D Super leuk gedaan!

  4. Supercute mani and your outfit is just awesome!!!!! :) I liked it A LOT :) And I laughed like crazy when I saw your bf's costume!!

  5. Ik vind het anders wel een goed motto hoor! :D Jullie zagen er heel leuk uit en mooie nagels natuurlijk! ;)

  6. Hello I follow your blog and I love your nails. You looked very pretty and NOT at all overweight. I am also a plus size but I still dress sexy when I feel like it and that usally makes me feel better. I hope you all had fun that night and I can't wait to see your next nails. Have a great night!!

  7. You are so beautiful and cute :) And the mani is great.

    I saw on your blog that you make your own decals and I ordered decal paper from Ebay. I was so impatient and cant wait for paper to arrive to give it a try and when paper finally come, the guy send me wrong paper.I bought INKJET and he send me LASER. Oh..

  8. You look really cute in your outfit and not at all fat/big bummed! Your mani is also lovely!

  9. You looked so very cute! And I love the manicure, the bunnies are so adorable!

  10. Love this mani and the outfit, where did you get this stamping plate?

  11. Het gaat niet om dik of dun, je bent gewoon MOOI, punt.

    en je nagels zijn cute

  12. Wat een leuke outfit, ook leuk dat de nailart bijpassend is

  13. Thank you all for those sweet comments ♥ We had so much fun looking back at these photo's I start laughing again.

    @ Freshie I bought these ones at and you can also watch them on

    @ Lalica niceeeee to bad you got the wrong paper, hope that you have the right ones soon. Decal making is soo much fun, if you need any help/tips just ask ;)

    @ mrsrexy to bad that Carnival isn't in Canada :( Here in Holland it isn't celebrated everywhere, most in the south (yeah I know such a little country and such a difference) Fortunately I live in the middle so we can go anywhere we like easy. I love dressing up.

  14. Wouw mooi je nagels!
    En leuk verkleed! :)

  15. Ik vind je er ook super uitzien!
    Super creatie <3

  16. Sooo nice! And I love the 2 of you dressed up, I can't believe how different Dave looks :-)