woensdag 26 december 2012

My sad gray Mommy memorial Christmas nails :(

Hi Everyone,
Today it's been exactly a year that my mom died...it was 2nd Christmas day 2011. So I decided to make some less happy Christmas nails for Christmas. I've been making happy nails for a couple of weeks already and I really wanted to make these now for my mommy, cause I don't feel happy at all. And as you know I love doing my nails for special things/themes/occasions. And I really like making sort of landscape/scenery nails too.
I did a black, gray, white gradient for my zebra fashion nails and I really like that, so I decided to do it again but then the other way around, so black tips instead of black at the cuticles. It gives the whole scene a bit of dramatic, sad feeling, but to make a little more sparkly for Christmas I added a holographic topcoat.
Base a gradient of Essence 50's girls reloaded 01 Ahoy, Catrice 01 Pebbles Beach and Beauty UK Midnight Minx black. Added a layer of Chine Glaze Wireless holographic topcoat. All the snowflakes (bigger and little) are from HB23 stamped with Konad SN white. The rest is stamped with Konad SN black.

Pinkie: trees from Nailways Snowwhite Christmas A-NW00002 plate.
Ring finger: cross from Konad S2, tree from HB33, cute snow bunny from HB38.
Middle finger: big tree HB012, small tree HB33.
Index: snowman from BM318 (I gave him a sad face), tree HB33.
Thumb: the sort of tombstone is actually the slot machine from Konad M48 that I colored in and painted a little cross on top, tree is from HB33 and the word mom and 2011 are made with the numbers and letters on the side of Konad M20 and M11.
Here another picture.

And some swatches of the gradient base.
I like this gradient.

And also a picture of Danbo in my mommy's memorial corner.
With the funeral thank you card (where she is watching the endless sunset in Greece), my little urn with Greek signs, her picture and the funeral card we designed our selves (she took this picture herself on Santorini).

Hope you all have a great Christmas.


15 opmerkingen:

  1. What a lovely tribute. I'm so sad for you. Losing someone anytime is sad but your Mum at Christmas is especially sad. :( x

  2. So fantastic nails!
    So sad that you lost your mamy!
    Me and my family celebrate Christmas but with some sadness.
    Because my uncle was kill days before Christmas about 17 years ago.
    But still we miss him...



  3. I'm so sorry.. the nails are beautiful!

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss, It's too early, I was 21 when my mom died...
    I love the tribute - very nice indeed!

  5. Very sorry for your loss Diana! Can't even imagine me on your place! But you are doing very good! You are strong girl! Take care!

    I love this mani a lot! Very special!

  6. Sorry for your loss honey...Stay strong...Great blog

  7. Heel mooi gedaan Diana :) Ik wens jou en je familie heel veel sterke toe. Verder fijne feestdagen en geen gelukkig nieuwjaar! x Sanne

  8. Oh, i'm so sorry about your mom, and I love the nails and how you did a tribute to her, that's very sweet!

  9. it's really sad to loos anyone in any time, but in this time of year even harder...
    lovely tribute anyway :D

  10. Here I am again to tell you there´s an award for you in my blog!! I hope you like it :-)

  11. Thank you all for the sweet comments <3

  12. Merry Christmas!!! What a beautiful tribute to your Mother :) She is so proud of you and did a wonderful job as your mother, for you to be the beautiful person you are, inside and out. I promise you, one day, the pain of her loss will not be so sharp. It takes time. Go forward in the coming year with good health, prosperity and lots of love! Be safe, God bless and Happy Polishing!!!