maandag 11 juni 2012

Soccer/Football month: Dutch Lions against Brazil (Wold Cup 2010)

These nails I made in 2010 for the World Cup match against Brazil. We really were convinced that we were doomed to loose that match, but we won :)

Base Impala Rocket (a polish from Brazil to keep everything balanced ;)) Sponged orange tips with Konad SN orange and some orange neon glitter on top. Self made water decal of lions with a football (lions are a Dutch symbol from many years ago and now days also used to support our country in soccer/football matches) Stamped stars from Konad M3 using SN red, white and blue.

Using a Brazilian polish as a base brought us luck 2 years ago because we won and we never expected that. Our next match is against Germany....shall I use a German polish as a base this time? I was thinking P2 because that is unlike Essence and Catrice (who are also German brands) only sold in Germany I believe.


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