woensdag 22 augustus 2012

Flowers and Sunglasses

Hi Everyone,

It still is nice summer weather here so I thought time for another summer creation. I made these in October 2011 (now you probably think that it is Fall in October but I just got back from my holiday to Greece and was still in the Summer mood ;)) I also wanted to test some of my new Essence plates. And I got the base polish from my sister who went on a short holiday to the South of Germany.

So I was really still in Summer mood in October...after coming back from my holidays to Greece I never want it to be Fall already. I wasn't really a fan of these nails, but they were okay for a few days :)

 Base Gipsy Queen no 3 with a layer of CND effects Jade Sparkle. Both stamps are from a Essence plate (they are not named or numbered :()Glasses stamped with Konad SN black and colored them a bit with black Essence nail art pen to make them look like sunglasses. Flowers stamped with Konad SN white mixed with Hits Sorvete, yellow dot with Konad SN yellow and dotting tool.

 Under different light.

Here also some swatches.

Here swatches with the CND effects on top.

Thanks for reading/wacthing.


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