donderdag 30 augustus 2012

H&M Lady Luck with nail art

Hi Everyone,
I made these a few week ago. When I saw this polish I fell in love, but I was afraid it would be a sheer one or the duochrome effect would only show up in the bottle. Luckily there were testers in the store and my sister tested it on her thumb....and wow it was sooo pretty. Really changes from green to blue. I just had to buy it. It also stamps pretty cool.
Unfortunately I had a lot of trouble taking good pictures, but if you google this polish you will find better swatches.
The nail art photo also isn't great, it was way better in real life. Base H&M Lady Luck, stamped with Konad SN blue and H11 and Konad SN pastel green and BM316.
Here some swatches, with flash it turned a totally different color, with some light it looked like it had many brushstrokes but that wasn't the case in real life. But I did my best to give you an idea of this ohhh so pretty polish.
On this last picture you can really see the duochrome well on my index finger.

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