vrijdag 3 augustus 2012

Greek Mythology

Hello Everyone,

I have been blogging a lot this week :) But I have a lot of creations I still haven't showed here. Today is one I made for my 2nd entry for the History, Myths and Legends contest on: http://noholos.blogspot.com/2012/07/stamping-and-freehand-contest.html It is still open so you can all enter too, she has lots of prizes in different categories.
This was actually my first idea that I tested on paper, when I first read the theme I was like oooh this is gonna be hard, but then one thing popped in my head and that was Greek Mythology. I go the Greece almost every year :) Love it there. So I did some more research about that and looked what kind of design I could make with my plates and parts of plates.

Base a gradient from Golden Rose Paris Holographic color 107, OPI Illumiinate and OPI My private yet. All stamped with Konad SN black.

Pinkie: Pegasus the horse with wings is one of the best known mythological creatures in Greek mythology.
Mirror stamped the horse from Konad S5 (colored the saddle) added wings from BM03.

Ring finger: Themis or Themis’ daughter Dike holding a scale both in the Greek Mythology associated with justice. If you look for Lady Justice you will also find things and images of Themis.
Stamped from Konad M34.

Middle finger: Greek pottery with ancient Greek signs on it.
Konad M33 (removed the face and added with XL plate B sort of Greek signs).

Index finger: A Centaur (creature that was half man half horse) this is Chiron a kind and intelligent Centaur (most were violent) who taught the Greek gods.
Lower body from the horse of Konad S5 (same as on my pinkie), upper body part of Konad M34, bow also from part of M34.

Thumb: Medusa with her hair of snakes and the evil eye of Medusa.
Konad M34 and added some snaky looking hair from Konad M33. Her evil eye is from Konad M4.

On the tips some sort of Greek Meandros sign from Konad S6.

 Different light.

Also some pics without the contest paper.

 With flash.

Without flash under artificial light.

Here also a pic of just the gradient  base.
Golden Rose Paris Holographic color 107, OPI Illumiinate and OPI My private yet (I know her blog is called Noholos and I used holos lol but those are easy to paint as a gradient instead of sponging and I did not want to sponge just paint ;))

Hope some of you also enter this cool contest :) You have untill August 10th to do that :)

Have a nice weekend everyone!


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  1. Lovely nails, i really want to know Greece.

  2. These are just gorgeous - like miniature works of art. You did an amazing job!

  3. This is great! I love the accent on the tips....very Greek! I was thinking of doing another entry myself, but can't figure out what :-P

  4. You did an amazing job with these. AMAZING!

  5. Woww zo scherp te zien en heel mooi.

  6. This is so amazing! Must say you have a lot of talent and a hell lot of patience, too

  7. Very creative! I love the color choice - beautiful holo and gradient!

  8. wow, this is really awesome manicure, the gradient is perfect and the stamping design super interesting, i never saw designs like these before :-D

  9. ziet er geweldig uit, succ6 met de wedstrijd!

  10. Thanks for all the sweet comments, love reading them.