zondag 2 september 2012

My first try at Saran wrap nails

The challenge for this sunday was to make something based on something you've learned in the AIS group. For me that was the Saran wrap nails. I never heard of that before and saw it for the first time there :) So I was like I have to try that for the challenge :)
Since it was in the stamping group I had to stamp on it too, I wanted to do a full nail but then I thought you couldn't see the base that well anymore. So I decided to do a small stamp. I already had this base polish on but could remove the stamps easily so I could add a yellow coat for the Saran wrap nails. I am not sure if I like this combination but I thought the contrasting colors will show the effect good. And it was also a nice color combo for the Summer.
For those of you who don't know this technique...it is not that hard. Just paint your nails a color and let that dry really well, then choose another color (prefer one that isn't too sheer) and paint one coat over the base color, grap a piece of Saran wrap /plastic foil (in Dutch plastic vershoud folie) and dab/pat with it on your nails, and repeat these steps for each nail, let it dry and add a topcoat :)
Base Color Club Raspberry Rush and a coat of a mini yellow polish from ETOS (no name), stamped with Konad SN black and imageplate XL F, added some yellow dots in the flowers with a dotting tool and SN yellow.
Here a pic of just the base.
What do you think of this technique? I really like it (not sure about this combo though) but would love to do it again under a full nail stamp or with less contrasting colors.
Have a nice sunday!

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