woensdag 5 september 2012

Newspaper love nails

Hi everyone :)

I wanted to try the Saran wrap technique again :) but this time with less contrasting colors. So I used 2 shades of shimmer grey. I wanted to make it look like an old newspaper or something similair. So I could finally use this cool BM plate full nail design. Have been seeing lots of great manis with this, so I really wanted to use it too :)
Base is Impala - pier (a pearly grey shimmer) saran wrap with P2 sun love LE 040 summer rain (a more brownish grey shimmer). Stamped with Konad SN black and BM311.
When you use this stamp and it goes a bit wrong or not everything transfers on your nails is reeally doesn't matter, it makes it look more like an old newspaper ;)
Here a photo of the Saran Wrap base.
And also some swatches of this pretty grey from Brazil: Impala - pier.
Have a lovely day ;)

11 opmerkingen:

  1. This is really pretty, I just love this image, one of my favorites!

  2. This is great! Really looks like newspaper. I love that stamp too:-)

  3. I dind`t konw how to do this Wrap nails, i really liked :D

  4. Great! I love it before and after the stamp.

  5. I love this mani!!! I really like the saran wrap look even before you stamped it but it looks perfect with the stamping!

  6. Well... You already KNOW I love it!!! My goodness, what have I done, it will be impossible for me to choose!!!!

  7. Fabulous!! I love the effect of saran texture in combination with the stamping pattern - it looks very similar to an old letter or a newspaper.. :) Gotta try this plate asap!

  8. Thank you all for the sweet comments <3