vrijdag 9 november 2012

Zoya Anastasia with nail art

Hi everyone,
Today I'll show you Zoya Anastasia, a amazing color that is hard to describe...it is brown but also looks purple/plum and has golden shimmer in it which often looks like tiny glitter. I made a lot of pictures this time, first I'll show the nail art pics then the swatches. I don't have much Zoya's they are quite expensive here in Holland (around 12 euros that is about $15) I only have 4 that I bought on sale or second hand. But I love all 4 of them.
Zoya Anastasia, stamped with Konad PSN dark purple and imageplate M89 a subtle full nail (love Konads new full nail size) And stamped golden roses with M90 and Essence A Piece Of Forever from the new Twillight LE (a gorgeous golden stamping polish).
With different light.
 Without flash under artificial light.
 My entire hand.
And also a picture of just the subtle full nail stamp.
And of course many swatches with different light: 
 4 pictures together so you can see all the different colors this polish is.
 A blurry one to show the shimmer does look like glitter sometimes.
I really like this color and it is also perfect for Fall/ Autumn.
Thanks for reading enjoy your weekend!

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