zondag 24 april 2011

Happy Easter everyone!

I have some new Easter nails.I really like the Easter Egg images on plate HB38. And I wanted to wear this polish with Easter since I saw the swatch from my friend Brenda. So it was an easy choice for me to make this :)

Base P2 Who Cares with CND effects Copper pearl. Stamped with imageplate HB38. I used Konad SN yellow, SN pink pearl, SN pastel violoet, SN pastel blue and PSN popgreen.

Here a swatch of P2 Who Cares?

I didn't clean up very well because I wanted to do CND on top of it, and thought clean up later ;)

P2 Who Cares? with CND effects Copper pearl, I love the pink shimmer on this light blue polish.

Happy Easter everyone!


9 opmerkingen:

  1. this is just gorgeous hunny! - as always =)

    I love it x


  2. Cute mani! I love the base color and Easter egg pattern is really funny...

  3. I saw them in real life and they are sooo lovely!

  4. Hi Diana, I love your blog and your nails are really pretty, i have 1 question, i dont know if you can help me (i hope so), where can i find Essence and P2 in rooterdam? or maybe if you know some website to shop online? Thank You!

    best Regards! :D

  5. Leuk met die eitjes! Mooie kleur ook. :D

  6. Beautiful. You always do beautiful mani`s and you are so talented. :)

    Thanks to you I made my first water decals, you can see them on my blog. I made Easter mani with bunny´s. Let me know what you think.

    Happy Easter :)

  7. Thank you all :)

    @ Lalica I'm sooo glad I cpuld help you make your own water decals it's so much fun.

    @ Ju..Essence is sold at every Kruidvat store so also in Rotterdam. Not every Kruidvat sells the nail art line, but Rotterdam has more then one Kruidvat so probably there will be one that sells the entire assortment. P2 is unfortunately only sold in Germany :(

  8. Heel leuk deze en de kleur is gewoon prachtig!