dinsdag 12 november 2013

Stampaholic ST03 on a beautiful duochrome polish :)

Hi Everyone,

I am soo behind with showing my nails...still have Halloween nails to show you haha. But for today something I did last week.I broke one nail, so I decided to make them all shorter :) Haven't had them this short in a while, the older Konad full nails even fit now haha :)

You know when I showed you all the ST02 Halloween mani's I also told you about ST03 the 3rd Stampaholics plate, well I now finally used that plate too. And I love it. I really like all the full nail patterns and so many on one single plate too, together with some nice words stamps. And the full nail sizes are big 2cm length and 1,5cm width. 

I used a pretty duochrome for the base or maybe it even is a multichrome it switches from purple to gold but also has a bit of blue/green in it. I got this polish last year on holiday in Greece from my boyfriend. Seventeen is a Greek brand that I really like. I used to buy one or 2 every year when we were in Greece too bad we did not went this year :( I really miss the warmth and beauty of the Greek islands.

I have made a lot of pics cause the duochrome and stamping is so difficult to capture.

Seventeen 539 (very pretty duochrome polish :) ) stamped with Stampaholics ST03 and Essence a piece of forever.

And some swatches of this polish, again a lot of pics cause it looks different is all kinds of lights.

 Here you can see all the colors in the bottle.

I really really love this polish and also this plate.

 A picture of the plate.

And a scanned picture of the plate.

You can buy ST plates on her facebook page Stampaholics by sending her a pm or emailing her.

Thanks for reading.


8 opmerkingen:

  1. Amazing nail polish! And the images are really beautiful :-)

  2. Less is more... Lol :-)
    Of H07 je je nagels zo kort

    1. Haha ja ik vond het hier wel toepasselijk ;) Nee ze groeien vanzelf weer, ik ben altijd te lui om ze vaak te vijlen. Dus over een tijdje zijn ze vanzelf weer lang.

  3. Gorgeous! I love the base and the stamping really looks great.

  4. Great manicure, and I like Seventeen brand as well :)

  5. Your nails are still WAY longer than mine will ever be!!!

    1. I know but my pinkie was only 1,1 cm and middle 1,5 cm. And I can some of them shorter like my index I was already filing my flesh. Some how after I stopped biting my nail bed grew so much :)