woensdag 12 november 2014

A sunny Autumn day

Hi Everyone,

This was my mani last weekend. I really wanted to do an Autumn/Fall scenery...haven't done one this year yet. And I wanted to use this super cute plate from Emily de Molly.

"It's a beautiful sunny autumn day the sun is about to set and the sky turns into this beautiful orange color. All the animals are coming out to see the sunset and play or find something to eat...the little bunny on my pinkie, the owl and squirrel on my ringfinger, the fox on my middle finger, a deer on my index and the birds and Bambi on my thumb"

All stamped with Emily de Molly EDM07 using Konad stamping polishes and also a dotting tool. The base is a gradient with China Glaze Highlight of my Summer, Too Yacht to Handle and Son of a Peach.

And a picture of my other hand..the hand that doesn't like to be photographed :P 

And another picture.

Here you can see this amazing and cute plate.

Thank you for reading.


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