maandag 17 november 2014

Blue flowers on silver holo

Hi Everyone,

This was my mani for this weekend. I wanted to use one of my new polishes I got to buy for 1 euro ;) A friend of mine is selling all her nail polish only wants 5free and vegan. So I went to her place to shop and help, I knew what beauties she had so some I already reserved...incase some other girls were there first hahaha. Ofcourse I wanted her holo's but she also had some pretty duochromes from Ozotic and Lime Crime polishes that I wanted for a long time but were waaaay to expensive for me. Now all the polishes were 1 euro each :) I also helped her organize by brand so she could make list and would make the sale easier. Anyway last weekend I uses one of her Color Club halo hues polishes.

Color Club Harp on it, stamped with my free BornPretty plate BP24. Colored the flowers with P2 Deep Water Love 030 Blue Horizon (pinkie, middle finger and thumb) and P2 Deep Water Love 020 Green Lagoon (ring finger and index).

And some more pictures.

These P2 polishes from an older LE are great for coloring images cause they are pretty sheer.

And some swatches.

And 2 pics together.

Thanks for reading.


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