woensdag 5 november 2014

My final Halloween mani...a spooky scenery

Hi Everyone,

I have to show you my final Halloween mani. This was also the one I liked best :) (I did also really loved my 3d mummies and the ripped open zebra and bloody nails but those were not really wearable ;)) As you know I love doing sceneries it is one of my favorite stamping styles. I've done Halloween sceneries in the past too will show those too below.

Base Catherine Arley 801, Different Dimension gnarly, Nubar Reclaim and NailNation No Elfing Around. Used HB28 for the small cat, pumpkin, witch ghost (index). Stampaholics ST02 for the men hanging in the tree and the small cemetery on my pinkie. Nailways Darker Period- Halloween for "The Death" on my index finger. Bunny Nails HD-C for the bat on my pinkie and the house on my thumb. HD-D for the cemetery on my ring finger, the small trees, small bats and the ghosts on my thumb. So Happy I got to borrow my sis her Bunny plates :)

Here the sceneries from the past years :) Which one is your favorite? 2012, 2013 or 2014?

Thank you all for reading. Hope you all like my 20+ Halloween mani's. I think I did more then 20 last month 18 for the challenge from BM and like 3 others haha.


2 opmerkingen:

  1. All sceneries are really awesome...! I love the gradient of this year ♥

  2. awesome *.*
    don't make me choose, they all look absolutely gorgeous :D