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MoYou Nails entire Concept collection + Tink mani/pedi

Hi Everyone,

Today I have an exciting and long blog post for you. I have the entire MoYou Nails Concept Collection to show you. This collection contains of 10 round plates that are fully etched and each one has it's own different theme. Like music, fairytales, Christmas/winter, summer, romantique, Halloween, animal (print) and more. So there is something in it for everyone and you can buy these as a set but also individually. I will show plate scans I've made, pictures, some details and my first mani and machting pedi done with these plates.

I know everbody loves a discount so when you use the code: Diana you will get 20 % off your entire order when shopping online. You can't use this code/ coupon together with any other codes/ coupons. Also valid on their US website, so this is great news for my US readers :)

* I used my own scans to make this.

I got all 10 plates together with a stamper, plastic scraper and their 2015 Catalogue.

Let's show the individual scans I've made of the plates.

Plate 300 music themed. You can use parts or go for full nail stamping but also single out images like the music noted and stars.

Plate 301 fairytales, how adorable is Tinker Bell I just had to use her for my first mani and pedi. This plate has this magical feel to it with the twinkle stars and unicorns and beautiful roses.

Plate 302 Christmas/ Winter themed. I love how this plate has small and bigger images. Like the snowman I can use as full nail coverage but it also has these smaller images to make winter sceneries. I almost feel like doing a Christmas in May mani ;)

Plate 303 animals and animal print. How cute is it that this plate animal heads and their print pattern.

Plate 304 Halloween. Even though Halloween isn't really celebrated here I love this Holiday and always do many Halloween mani's. I see myself using this a lot in October looks great for making sceneries (and that happen to be one of my favorite kind of mani's to do ;)) The Happy Halloween can be spread across 2 fingers and I just love the bats. I also see myself using the trees for non Halloween mani's like an Autumn scenery.

Plate 305 "Nibble, nibble, like a mouse, Who is nibbling at my house?" when I saw this plate it reminded me of Hansel and Gretel because of the house and the candy. I love that you can use the images as full nail but also single out the candy and other parts. This has lots of potential to get creative with, like french tip stamping or diagonal stamping.

Plate 306 Love/ Valentine themed. I like the text and all the cute hearts. Cupid is adorable too, but he is a little big for my nails but ofcourse I can use parts of it. And as you know I like doing pedi's too, so some of the bigger hearts are great for my big too.

Plate 307 Summer!!! Summer is my favorite season. I am born the day the Summer starts here, also the longest day...June 21st. The palm trees are so pretty and look at all those cute icecream images and shells. Yes I think I'll use this plate for my next mani :)

Plate 308 Ankh, crosses, spiders, bats and a skull. I think the crosses are pretty cool ands the spiders and web too. The Ankh is too big to stamp on his own but maybe for those with really really long nails or you can stamp it on something other then nails like your phone case. 

Plate 309 Wedding themed. Look at those champagne glasses and the wedding cake. I think you can easily single out images to stamp but also would look good as a full nail design. For me personally the rings are too big, that is little downside, even using the shrinking method these won't fit. But there are other ways to use parts of this like for stamping a plain french tip.

I think this is a beautiful collection that has something to offer for everyone. People with long/width nails and also small/narrow nails or even kids nails. On most of the plates you can easily single out images too (not that easy on plate 308). I like these kind of plates because you can just stamp parts of it too and it can also challenge you to be creative and think outside the box. There are more ways too use a plate then just stamp what your stamper picks up or what you see at first glance :)

Like I said I find it a little sad the Cupid, the Ankh, Tink and the Wedding rings are too big to stamp entirely on a nail, but you can use parts of it. And I did use Tinker Bell on my mani see pictures below. My nails aren't that big they vary from 1,2 cm pinkie to 1,7 cm thumb. I've seen other bloggers and Tink fits way better on their nails ;) But even though see does not fit me completely I still liked how she looked.

Here a scan of a page of their Catalogue with the Concept collection on it.

And some pictures of the plates.

Now ofcourse you want to see how they stamp too. I have done a mani and a matching pedi using plate 301. The qualilty of these plates are super good.
Base Catrice (S)wimbledon triple stamped the stars with Mundo de Uñas black, white and lilac. Made a stamping decal of Tink and used Konad black for her and colored with regular polishes. 

Also did a matching pedi.
Like I said my nails vary from 1,2 cm pinkie to 1,7 cm thumb so you can get an idea of the size. The image from Tink completely is about 2,1 cm in length.

And a swatch of this pretty base color.

I had a lot of fun doing this mani and pedi. And I promise to make many more mani's (pedi's) with these plates soon :)

Some more information: 

- The plates are 5,5 cm.
- They have a nice backing with the website printed on so no sharp edges.
- There are small and big images on these plates, like Tinker Bell is about 2,1 cm long but there are also images that are only 0,6 cm (snowmen) so it really is fun for everyone.
- You can also find MoYou nails on Instagram and Facebook.
- You can buy them for £39.99 as a set of ten on their website or £4.99 each.
- Shipping costs depends on where you live but you can calculate them while you view your cart with items.  
- Use the code: Diana to get 20% off your entire order (can't use this code in combination with other codes)

Thanks for reading.

Have a lovely day.


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