maandag 4 mei 2015

Liberation Day 2015

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for not blogging very often, I promise to do it more again. Things just have been kinda busy and I 've been sick. But I still have lots and lots of mani's to show you, like a couple of Rock 'n' Roll mani's, mani's with my first Mundo polishes, mani's with a couple of my new MoYou nails plates (the round ones), also some with my first Chez Delaney plates and lots more ;) And ofcourse I also still have many older mani's to show from before I started blogging.

I have been posting more on my instagram: 

Today May 4th  is remembrance of the dead and tomorrow May 5th we celebrate Liberation Day with lots of music festivals across the country. Ofcourse I had to make a mani. And I'll be going to one of the music festivals, there is one in every county/province. It is always fun to celebrate our freedom with some amazing free live music. Lots of great bands/artists are coming.

Base is Sinful Colors Black on Black. With the flames representing the liberation fire (FUN7), the stripes in the colors of the Dutch flag red white and blue (Konad M44), the words 'free' and 'music' cause we have our freedom and can celebrate and enjoy it by listen to music or express yourself through music (MoYou 115) and the guitar cause I love listen to live music and will be going to the Liberation festival tomorrow (Cheeky Jumbo 5 Musical nails). All stamped using Mundo polishes.

Thanks for reading!


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