zondag 8 april 2012

Happy Easter everyone ♥ + some cute animal pics

Happy Easter everyone!

I hope you all have a nice Easter day. Today I'll show you my Easter creation of this year. I also forget one creation in my previous post so I'll show that today. And also some cute pictures of our pets :)

Base OPI Alpine Snow with a layer of Catrice C08 Have an Icy Day topcoat for the sparkle glitter. Stamped some zigzag stripes with XL plate B and Konad SN pink pearl mixed with PSN cool red, SN yelllow and Catrice 400 Blue cara ciao mixed with PSN sky blue. And self made water decals of Hello Kitty disguised as an Easter bunny holding a basket with Easter eggs.

This I actually made for Carnaval 2011 when I was a bunny but this creation would also be something you could do for Easter ;)
Base OPI Alpine Snow with one coat of Orly Gogo for the silver small glitters. French made of Golden Rose Magic Paris color 321. I stamped small bunny feet with Konad SN black and HB38, also some Konad SN psyche pink bunny's from HB38.

As some of you probably know our pet rat died when my mom was also dying too in the hospital, rats can't be on their own so just before Christmas we bought a new friend for our rat Trouble who lost her friend Bubble :( We called our new rat Valley (after part of the name of the hospital where my mom was) Valley was also alone in the store they just sold here sister the day before. We found it very sad that she had to be alone with Christmas so we  took her home ;) I never showed any pictures of  her...but I did promised that so here some pics of Valley ;)

We just picked her up at the pet store.

Sleeping in her coconut in her temporary cage (first the 2 of them have to get to know eachother before they can be together in one cage)

Trouble together with Valley :)

She grew a lot, look at her cute white belly ;) (no I'm not squeezing her).

I am sooo sweet ;)

Here also a cute picture of my hamster Pooh together with Piglet ♥
I just had to share this one hahaha.

Have a happy Easter and great week!


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  1. Aww wat een schattige ratjes. Leuke nagels weer :)

  2. oooow I just love your hello kitty (nunny) nails:) Its sooo cute :) and, you have georgeous nails:)

  3. awwww so cute! I had a pet mouse in high school-his name was Quincy and I just loved him! My cats would not like it if I got another one today! You're nails are so pretty!

  4. unbelievely nails!! perfect!


  5. So cute your nails and pets!
    Happy easter!

  6. Thank you all so much :)
    have since 2 weeks 2 very old cats (18 years) and they are not interested in the rats :)

  7. hello kitty nails are super cute *.*
    i used to have hamsters and guinea pig but never rats ;-)

  8. Adorable! Your rats are adorable! I am a rodent lover as well--I have 10 pet chinchillas!

  9. Wow, I loved Valley !! She is so cute :)
    I am fan on your Disney decals manis. Congrats !! I also have a nail blog, I would like to invite you to follow me too...Nails&Pets - nailspets.blogspot.com