vrijdag 20 april 2012

Peace, Love and Music

I made these nails in November 2011 for a 70's - 80's party. I did not blogged about them  back then because I was still having a break. But now because of a stamping challenge to make something inspired by music I just thought of these nails and wanted to show them.

They are not pretty but I liked them for the theme party.

Base is 4 colors of the China Glaze OMG collection (L8R G8R, GR8, BFF, DV8). Some self made water decals of a peace, love and music logo on my ring finger and thumb. And I stamped a peace sign from an Essence plate, heart from M18, guitar from M58, the music notes are from M43. For stamping I used Konad SN pink pearl, SN blue pearl, SN pastel green, SN pastel pink and SN pastel blue.

Have a nice day!


7 opmerkingen:

  1. Super leuk zo die kleuren! Zo lekker vrolijk :D Kom maar op met de zomer, Diana haar nagels zijn ready!

  2. how do you make your own water decals,,, cool!!! nice designs!!

  3. Cool! Reminds me of Austin Powers and Scooby Doo!