vrijdag 6 april 2012

All kinds of Easter creations together from 2009, 2010 and 2011

Today I'll show you some really old Easter creations and the ones from last year and the year before (but those I've already posted on my blog ;)) But I thought it might be nice to seen them all in one post :)

Ofcourse I will make a new Easter creation for this year, but I will post that one later this week.

These first 2 creations I made in 2009, I don't exactly know what I have used any more.

The first one reminded me of colorfull eggs, I sponged the base with all kinds of Konad SN polishes mixed together.

Stamped some flowers with M35 and PSN gold black and a blue rhinestone on my middle finger.

 Just the sponged base with glitter.

Also made this one in 2009, first polished with a purple/lilac nail polish and sponged some sort of yellow Easter egg tips on it :P

And stamped some flower with Konad SN violet pearl and M25 and 3 yellow rhinestones on my ring finger.
It says Vrolijk Pasen which means Happy Easter in Dutch.

This was my Easter creation of 2010 with decals of Thumper in a egg and Vrolijk Pasen.

These 3 creations you have seen last year 2011 when I broke my nail on my middle finger a few weeks before.

First a pre-Easter creation...

Somehow I found this also Easter like and I made it last year not long before Easter: http://dutch-diana.blogspot.com/2011/04/butterflies-in-sky-p2-530-charming.html

Second some pastel yellow Easter Eggs.
 What I've used you can read here: http://dutch-diana.blogspot.com/2011/04/easter-eggs.html 

Ands  third my nails that I actually had with Easter in 2011.

Somehow I always find a spring landscape also very nice for Easter. I made these in 2011.
Right hand

In 2010 I also made my first spring landscape nails, first I tested it on this huge nail tip hahaha. I was affraid it could never fit on my own nails ;)
But luckily I managed to make it fit on my smaller nails too :)
This was my first creation that I blogged about as a guest blog of my friend Michelle from Passion for Nails. A year later I also wrote about on my own blog what I have used for this creation you can read here: http://dutch-diana.blogspot.com/2011/06/landscape-sping-nails-from-2010.html

With these kind of landscape creation you can also add an Easter egg in the grass or something to make it really Easter like ;) I did this on one nail of Tanja a nail friend of mine, Originally the rest of the nails were blue with clouds but I don't have a picture of that anymore. She liked her ring finger so much that she kept that design and only changed the rest :) The bee is a decal made by me.

My Easter creation of this year is in the making and I will post that this weekend :)


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  1. Diana
    You are so talented...I hope I can achieve some of these cute designs someday. Love you creativity and your precious details on all your designs.

  2. They are all beautiful!! We don't hve Easter here in Korea but I really enjoyed looking at ur nail arts!!

  3. These are beautiful! You really have such great ideas :)

  4. Oh i love them all!! They are beautiful!! Xxx

  5. Hoi Diana,
    Wat een schattige nagels. Leuk! Met mij gaat het goed. Druk met alles dus helaas.. bloggen gaat niet zoals ik wil. Dankjewel voor je compliment! Hoe gaat het met jou? x

  6. wow, great manicures :-D
    love the butterflies and spring landscape the best *.*

  7. WOW these are all amazing!! I just love these!

  8. Your skills are amazing! I love all of them. Your landscapes blow me away, they are so awesome!