donderdag 20 december 2012

Christmas 2011: Chococat in a Christmas ball :)

Hello Everyone,
Like I said yesterday I made Christmas ball decals again in 2011. Did this during my blogging break, while my mom was really sick. I also did Chococat decals this year, Chococat in the stocking..saying I wanted a kitty for Christmas. I used that same Chococat image in 2011 but than placed in balls instead of stockings :)
Base Essence 50's Girls Reloaded 04 Love me Tender. Self made/ designed water decals of Chococat in Christmas balls. Stamped with Konad M76 and SN yellow, SN psyche pink, SN green, SN blue and SN red.
I really liked the color but did not liked the finish and it was a bit brush strokey ;) But luckily those weren't showing all the time. See swatches.

Thanks for reading.


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