woensdag 24 april 2013

P2 Bloggers' Choice with nailart

Hi Everyone,

As I have said a couple of times already, I love P2. That is a budget brand from Germany. I love their nail polish and limited editions. The quality is great and very cheap too :) Every now and then they renew their assortment and I always like to look at the new products. One of the new nail polishes I found a while ago was P2 789 Bloggers' Choice...I needed this polish for the name ;) And it is also a unique color too. Very bright and shimmery. It probably looks better with tanned skin, but I do like this color. Made this a couple of weeks ago.

Base P2 789 Bloggers' Choice. I made stamping decals again (following Messy Mansion tutorial, coloring the stamp on your stamper and add a topcoat and peel it off as a sticker) I used Konad SN black and M67, colored them with Kleancolor metallic orange, blue and green. Green plants stamped with M32 and SN green.

Anoter picture of my hand.

And some swatches.

I love this polish and his name too :)

Thanks for reading.


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