woensdag 17 april 2013

P2 Sand Style 050 Confidential with paint splatters ;)

Hi Everyone,

I am not the bigest fan of texture polish, but I do like trying new things. So I really wanted a texture polish too. I got this one from my BF a couple of months ago, while we were in Germany. I love P2 is a really good budget brand, with awesome LE's too. 

Base P2 Sand Style 050 Confidential. Stamped with Konad M70 (full nail) and M21 (paint dots) using Konad SN pastel yellow and SN pink pearl. Without topcoat so you see the matte glitter/gritty stucture.

 With topcoat.

And some swatches. 

I do really like this color with the multi colored glitter (mostly pink and yellow) but I do find it weird to get use to this gritty structure ;) 

Here a pic of the matte and shiny version, which do you like best?

Thanks for reading!


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