woensdag 16 oktober 2013

A witching time at night when everything might bite

Hi everyone,

Today I'll show you my Bundlemonster contest entry :) I've made 2 weeks ago and I could not choose which one I wanted to enter in the contest, this one or the The trees get eyes when the moon begins to rise so I posted it in a nail group and the lovely members helped me choose by voting on which one they liked best. And this mani had more votes :)

You can see all the entries of this Halloween contest here. You can vote on all the entries you like and you can vote every day till October 23rd. If you like mine I am on page 10 ;) They are in the order of how they were submitted (I believe) so on page 11 the first entries and page 1 the last entries.

You also had to give it a title so I called them "A witching time at night when everything might bite".   During Halloween everything might be haunted and can get freaky even the cutest things like a bunny. So I made a Halloween scenery where everything is freaky and haunted even a cute bunny that is now "evil".

Sponged the base with 4 Konad stamping polishes SN pastel blue, SN sky pearl, SN blue and SN royal purple, painted the sky (with different colored brush strokes)  the moon, tree trunks and the little cross. Stamped with BM04 (cat), parts of BM12 (leaves, branches), BM13 (cross, bats, witch), BM20 (stars), BM302 (devil bunny haha) and BM305 (pumpkins, house and the part of the devil to make the bunny evil) colored some images and dotted yellow eyes.

I only have the first and 3rd BM set so I had to get creative with the images :)

Here is the direct link to my entry A witching time at night when everything might bite  but you can always look mine up on page 10 :) Remember to vote for all you like (I am also voting for my fellow nail friends who entered) and you can vote every day.
If you are on a phone and it doesn't work try this:  http://www.bundlemonster.com/cirquedufreakcontestentry I am on page 10.
Thank you so much for reading (and maybe voting too) :)


11 opmerkingen:

  1. Awesome entry! I wish you luck in the contest!

  2. The sky is very real!! I love your nails design

  3. Ohhh, I love this - the sky is so perfect for the stamping!!

  4. I totally voted for you! You are definitely going to win this one. You are already WAY ahead of everyone! That's why I voted for you instead of myself! Sent you an email saying this as well!

    1. Aww thank you, I keep on voting for you every day ;) Don't think I'll make it cause some have over 300 votes already I have around 100. But thanks anyway <3

  5. This is sooo amazing. If you don't win, I want to know why!! Incredible. :)