donderdag 31 oktober 2013

Happy Halloween :)

Hi Everyone,

Happy Halloween! Today another Halloween mani, again this isn't my current creation. Will show those later, still have 2 more to show you ;) So Halloween on my blog will be a bit longer ;) Hope you don't mind haha.

Like I said before Halloween isn't really celebrated here, but I do plan to go to a Halloween party this Saturday, just like last year :) Me and my sis love Halloween, she also carved a pumpkin. Sometimes we wish we live in the USA ;)

This was a really quick mani I just painted over me neon base lol cause I knew the metallic polishes are opaque in one coat. For this one I've used Konad plates.

Base Flormar Supershine 50 and 47 gradient. Stamped the pumpkin from Konad M13 first with Konad SN yellow (colored it) and stamped over it with Konad SN orange pearl. The cats are from Konad Coraline C01 and C02 stamped in Konad SN black (dotted SN yellow eyes) and the stars are from M14 stamped with Konad SN yellow.

And here a picture of just the gradient base.

I really like these flormar polishes :)

Hope you all have a great Halloween. My sis and I are going to a concert tonight (she got free tickets) but we will dress up saturday for the Halloween party.

Thanks for reading.


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