zaterdag 7 december 2013

Christmas tree with decorations

Hi everyone :)

The theme of the 2nd week of the Nail Polish Canada Holiday challenge is: Decorations :)  So I made a Christmas tree and decorations for in the tree :) The ring finger is the tree and the rest are close-ups from parts of the tree ;)  

Base Nubar Reclaim and Different Dimensions Gnarly. Made a stamping decal of the tree from Moyou Festive (aka Christmas) 01, colored the tree with Nubar Reclaim and stamped all the litte ornaments separately on top of that. Stamped the red bow with BM317, the black strings stamped with part of the santa sleigh with reindeer Moyou festive 01, the blue/silver ball, the snowman, the gingerbread and the candy are from Nailways Snowwhite-Christmas A-NW00002 plate. Made little stamping decals of those. And dotted the yellow garland.  Colors used for stamping and coloring: Nubar Reclaim, Konad SN black, SN white, SN red, SN yellow, SN sky pearl, SN dark orange and a mini Color Club silver (don't know the name).

And here a pic of just the ring finger stamped, I also liked this look but since the theme is decorations I thought let's go a little more crazy on the rest of my nails too ;)

You can all still join :) Like I said last week I just join for the fun cause I believe since I am not in the US or Canada I am not eligible for the prizes. You can see all the entries on their site (see link above) and vote for your favorite. If that happen to be mine, thanks :)

Have a nice weekend!


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