maandag 16 december 2013

Ho Ho Ho Santa's Sleigh :)

Hi Everyone,

Last weekend we suddenly went to Terschelling for one day and night :) My sis is on holiday there now and we went to visit. So nice to see the island in the winter, I love it there it feels like home. I always feel good there, breathing the fresh air. See pictures of our little one day trip at the end of this post. Of course I first have to share my Santa Sleigh mani :)

I wanted to do this mani, ever since I got the Moyou Festive (aka Christmas) 01 plate. The Santa or the reindeer were to width for my pinkie (tried it) so I had to think of something else. And decided to spread it also on my thumb :) I was very happy with how this mani turned out. Still have this on my nails :)

Gradient sponged base with Konad SN white, SN pastel blue and SN sky pearl. Stamped with Moyou Festive (aka Christmas) 01 (reindeers, Santa and sleigh, North Pole, snowman) and Moyou Mother Nature (aka Landscape) 06 (the trees) And added white snow dots, black eyes and hooves and Rudolphs red nose with a dotting tool. Used Konad SN black, SN red, SN brown, SN green and SN white for stamping/coloring and dotting.

Stamped with multiple colors the North Pole (red and black) and Santa in his sleigh (red, green and black) scraped really carefully so it wouldn't blend much, then I colored the white while the image was on the stamper, added a layer of topcoat over it, let it dry, peeled it off and placed it on my nails. Also made a stamping decal of the snowman, colored with white and red while the image was on the stamper.

I posted these nails friday in a nail group on facebook then I saw I forgot part of the black reins on my index...see picture below. As soon as I saw this I had to stamp it haha.

I mirror stamped my right hand (the reindeer and Santa sleigh) I used my squishy stamper to pick up the image then stamped it on my Konad stamped and then on my have to be fast but it works for me :)

And a picture of the gradient sponged base.

And a picture of my nails under the Brandaris (the lighthouse on Terschelling).

Like I said we went to Terschelling for one day here some more pics.
 On the boat....beautiful blue sky.

 We saw some seals on the way there.

 The town was decorated with Christmas lights.

 Watching the sunset from observation post.

 See the sun disappear in the sea.

 The moon shining above the harbour.

 My sis and I in the harbour.

 The famous statue.

 The next morning view over the Green Beach <3

 I love walking there.
Yoshi in the forest.

 My boyfriend and I.

 The seagulls on the poles.

 Drinking hot choco in the Walvis (the whale) with a preet view. (also loved all the Christmas ornaments)

Waving my sis and Yoshi goodbye cause she still has almost a week on the island left.

It was a fun 24 hours there, we did a lot, shopping, watching the sunset, going the a small christmas fair, walking in the harbour, going out for dinner, relaxing, going out dancing between the local young people haha, sleeping (not too long), walking in the dunes, forest, beach, drink hot choco...too much for just 24 hours haha.

Thank you for reading...still have plenty more Christmas nails idea, but don't want to take this off ;)


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  1. This is one of the best Christmas manicures I've seen. Wow! So much detail. I love it!

  2. noce photos...but this manicure is awesome *.*

  3. As always your manicure isn't a manicure but a piece of art. I love it!
    I've nominated you to the Hi5 challenge on my blog.
    It's a special theme for me, so I'd be really happy if you accept the challenge. It consists of making a manicure inspired on my blog. Then you have to propose your own theme and nominate other 5 bloggers.
    Will you accept?

  4. Thank you all :)

    @Lillibit thank you that sounds fun I will acceptbut think I will do it after the holidays if that is okay?

  5. i love that gradient! just gorgeous mani! :)