donderdag 12 december 2013

Holiday Memories ♥

Hi Everyone,

Today a special mani for me :) The final week of the Nail Polish Canada Holiday challenge is “Holiday Memories” this can be whatever your favourite part of the holidays is, whatever gives you that warm fuzzy feeling. 

This theme was really special for me, as most of you know I lost my mother on 2nd Christmas Day 2011, so my favorite memories are the ones with my mom.  Especially when she was “playing” Santa and when she was wrapping our presents. Cause me and my sister always knew what was inside the presents just by looking at the shape and feeling it. That is when she started to wrap them inside objects or make strange shapes of the presents.

Like when we got a lipstick she would put it inside a “toilet roll” or using old boxes from other stuff. Then we opened the present and saw a pack of candles, but the real present was inside that box. The weeks before Christmas she spend hours in the addict wrapping the presents. And my dad always mumbled why she would always keep old boxes/packages from stuff….then she would say well it is for Christmas ;) Unwrapping them on Christmas Eve was always so fun ♥ 

This is my favorite Holiday Memory…sure miss those days.  So I did a mani representing these things, with on my ring finger a heart with the word mom and a Santa hat on top, cause my mom was our Santa. And on the other nails different presents. 

Base Color Club winter affair mini Berry and Bright and P2 010 Pure White with P2 260 Divine on top for the shimmer. Gold full nail stamp with Essence A piece of Forever (Pueen 45). Made a stamping decal of a piece of the mom heart (Moyou Biker 08) stamped a Santa hat on top (Winstonia W120). The present are from Moyou Festive (aka Christmas) 01. Using Konad SN white, SN black and SN red.

And another pic with different lighting.

I really love participating in this 3 weeks challenge :) Like I said I believe I am not eligible for any prizes since I am not in the US or Canada, but I do love entering for the fun. You can vote for your favorite by clicking the link above (also still time to join yourself). If you like mine best I do appreciate it ♥

These days are always extra hard for me, but my mom loved Christmas so I think it is also kind of pretty she died on Christmas day cause she loved that holiday. 

Thank you for reading :)


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  1. As always you created a beautiful mani! I love everything about! Thank you for sharing your story with us :)


  2. Another gorgeous mani - I've loved all three manis you have done for the challenge.

  3. hou het niet droog. Mooie nagels en triest verhaal. Kan het me niet voorstellen mijn moeder te missen. Sterkte met kerst

  4. beautiful memories and beautiful nails!

  5. Those memories are special. Love the manicure too.

  6. Your nails look so beauriful in red! Pretty design ♡

  7. So pretty and thank you for sharing your memories with us ;)

  8. The idea to stamp the Santa hat on the Mom heart is very cute!